The Empire Family – Your Family’s Handyman

The Empire Family of Services is an award-winning, homegrown domestic repairs and maintenance business operating in South California. We specialize in installing and taking care of all household and commercial fittings like the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning, and roofing among others. We are a locally owned and operated enterprise that has been in the business of making the lives of our customers easier and more comfortable. Over the years, we have won thousands of satisfied customers who have saved time and money with our expertise.

We have a wholly trained and certified staff of technicians who are adept at addressing any issue – big or small – related to your home’s improvement. Our in-house rigorous training for all our staff ensures that whatever be your point of concern, our experts are capable of handling the job quicker, faster and better; each of them has had years of experience managing similar concerns. From drain and sewer cleaning to trenching or trenchless operations, installing a furnace, heating or air conditioning system to fixing lights and circuits, we can take care of all your household and commercial needs, at a time of your convenience and at rates pre-approved by you.


At the Empire Family of Services, we believe in giving all our customers value for money. So confident are we of our service quality and dedication that we give you 100% guarantee on our labor and a 10-year guarantee on the parts used. Our costs are all upfront and our paperwork up-to-date so that our customers do not suffer any inconvenience due to us. You may depend on us for approvals and permits from the local authorities, if any, before any installation and to keep all your records and warranties in order.


We all know, when any of your appliances, plumbing, air-conditioning go down, it’s an emergency, right! We are here for you 24/7 in just those particular cases. We absolutely know what it’s like when your air-conditioning goes out, oh my goodness, it’s like emergency time and you want quick and efficient service, which is what we are all about.


We are a wholly insured business and all our service staff is screened before we allow them to visit your home or place of work. We use time and field tested parts and supplies that will not need frequent replacements or services. While servicing or installing new equipment, we also ensure that we do so with the minimal disruption to your schedule. So whether you are looking for certified electricians, plumbers, general technicians or handymen, you can call us for expert advice or a job quote. We shall be glad to assist you in your home or office renovations. You can also log on to our site for answers to the most common concerns regarding your home’s safety and comfort.


Get in touch with us today so we can be of service to you and your needs. Especially, if it is an emergency we are available 24/7 for all your needs. Call us today for any questions or concerns you may have.