Probiotics. The New Way to Filter the Air?

Last week while I was having an extended stay in my South Florida vacation home condo I got into a conversation with an acquaintance I’ve known for several years.  We began talking about allergies and filtration systems.  HEPA filters are what everyone these days know as indoor air filtration.


What he and I began discussing was a new way the supposedly filters the air.  I must tell you right from the beginning that I’m still in the process of researching his claims.  He represents a new united States startup company called “New Air”.

Their claims are that by using probiotics, we can actually filter the air we breathe and make it healthier for us to consume than air from a traditional HEPA filter.

I must say that I am quite taken aback from his claims but he also mentioned that they now have FDA approval.  The first approval of its kind.  So either this is an intriguing marketing angle on their part, or there really is more to it.

The company claims that by spraying probiotics into the air that not only is the air cleaned and more suitable for breathing, but that it also cleans EVERY surface it comes into contact with.  Again, I’d really like to see the research behind the so called science because I am no doubt a skeptic here.

These are the same type of probiotics that our bellies need.  What Mr Kuntz and his colleagues claim is that the traditional HEPA filter removes ALL of the bacteria from the air.  Healthy bacteria that keeps our lungs functioning and operating properly.  Much like the probiotics in our bellies, we need these healthy bacteria in order to survive and sustain.

Current “Gut Health” research is just now coming in to the mainstream.  We’ve always known that our bodies and bellies need healthy bacteria in them to properly digest foods.  But what researchers have long known is that a healthy gut (or unhealthy) can lead to several other health issues.

An improper gut flora can be influenced by a number of factors.  Taking antibiotics kills off all those good bugs as does eating a certain type of diet.

When these bugs aren’t present like they should be in the human gut, people can experience symptoms such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even depression!

This research is just now catching steam in the mainstream of America.  Something researchers and certain doctors have known for years.

That’s why I believe this new air filtration system to be so cutting edge.  If it is indeed backed by genuine research and statistics, then I can say that it may be something to get excited about.

Essentially, the probiotic air filters are sprayed into the air.  The bacteria take over the local hosts.  They then multiply and provide an environment that is unsuitable for harmful allergens such as mold to thrive.

This could be a game changer in the indoor air filtration world.  It’s fairly cheap and easy to implement and the company claims a savings on your HVAC costs as well as a noticeable difference in indoor allergens and dust build up.

I am going to try one on my own accord.

Rest assured I will be conducting my own studies here in the coming weeks and will follow up with everyone on here.